Zachary Matyja

RJN Group, Inc. - Corporate Headquarters

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RJN Group, Inc. - Corporate Headquarters
United States


From heavy rainstorms causing sewer overflows and basement backups to starting a utility inspection program, Zach works with communities every day helping address these issues and problems, proactively, cost-effectively, and logically.

 Zach is a Regional Client Manager for RJN Group. Throughout the course his 19-year career, he has served as an engineer, project manager, and client manager for a number of water, wastewater, and collection system projects throughout the Midwest.

 His current role at RJN allows him to meet with customers and fellow industry professionals to help share knowledge on “best practices” in the collection system industry with an interest in sewer flow monitoring and Sewer System Evaluation Studies. Because of his interests in these programs, he understands the challenges of deciphering the volumes of data that sewer studies can produce, and loves working with clients to find clarity in their data.