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As a Practice Leader for OHM Advisors, Greg is an underground expert that stays on the cutting edge of trenchless technology, is an expert in footing drain disconnection, foundation drainage issues, an expert in traditional open cut construction of drinking water, storm, sanitary installations, and a leader in Miss Dig and construction.


As Project Engineer with OHM Advisors’ Construction Engineering Department, Greg is responsible for maintaining project scopes, budgets, and quality of work by organizing the project team and guiding their communication with the project stakeholders.  He is responsible for correctly interpreting engineering drawings, authorizing changes from the approved plans, communicating changes to clients and regulatory agencies, and administrating the terms of the construction contracts.  Greg is the project engineer from the preconstruction meeting through to final closeout.


Greg is familiar with reviewing construction materials in the field for acceptance and is qualified to ensure compliance with plans and specifications.  He has recorded and reported quantities used on projects; ensured that daily inspection reports relay clear and concise information to others associated with the project; prepared daily inspection reports with detailed sketches, descriptions and records of quantities used in relationship to the project and filing these records daily as the project engineer.  He has been in charge of overall budget tracking, change order and quantity disputes, contract modifications, monthly estimate production, in addition to negotiations with construction company representatives as the project engineer.  Mr. Marker is experienced in all facets of a construction project from inspiration of an idea, through to final closeout.


Prior to working with OHM Advisors, Greg worked for Di Ponio and Morelli Construction. He also has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Michigan State University through the Lyman Briggs Program. He spent two summers focused on environmental and ecological concerns in recreational land use areas.